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Of Augusta, Georgia
Shear Oaks' Labradors © 2012, All Rights Reserved
Nothing makes us happier than when a Shear Oaks dog gets matched with the right person. The smiles in the photos below tell the story best
This is Shear Oaks' Majestic Raven.  Raven is the daughter of Gi Gi and our late Big Jake Palmer.  Raven is a very laid back dog and loves affection.  We recently sold Raven to Mr. John Ruth of Lincolnton, GA.  Mr. Ruth bought Raven's brother when he was 8 weeks old and decided he needed a companion.  Hence, be came back and bought Raven.
This is Ginger, a great family pet.  Ginger rules the roost in this household.  She belongs to Danny Thompson of Augusta, GA
Jack is one of Molly's puppies.  He is a rambucious, lovable little guy.  Jack belongs to Henrique Oliveria of Augusta, GA.
This is Ace.  Ace is one of Gi Gi' s puppies. He has been retrieving dove since he was 8 weeks old.  Ace lives in Springfield, GA with Kip and Stacy Spence.
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Daisy lives in Atlanta, GA and has made her owners proud.  Daisy graduated obedience class with flying colors.
Glory was Garretts 7th Birthday present.  The two are inseparable.  Glory and Garrett live in Sparta, GA
Lilly is one of Gi Gi's pups and lives in Greer, SC with the Taffers

Gus -
Owner, Mr. Hagan, has trained Gus and he has earned several AKC and UKC Hunt Test Ribbons.
was a great addition to this family as  you can see.  Molly lives in Greenwood, SC
Patrick and Belle
"Belle has been my little girl for almost a year now and I don't know
how I ever made it without her. She is more than I ever hoped for in
a dog and also in a true family member. Her instincts are second to
none and her ability to learn anything that I try and teach her just
keeps me smiling. She has a personality that I have never seen in a
puppy and she has truly been adopted as a family member by my entire
extended family. Belle went on her first hunting trip this week and
retrieved 10 ducks that morning without ever picking up a bird before
in her life... I love my little girl and I look forward to many years
with her in my family. Shear Oaks you have done an unbelievable job
in your breeding because a Labrador of this caliber just doesn't
happen on accident. I will never buy a Lab from anybody other than
you... thank you for truly giving me mans best friend!!! "

from Patrick and Belle
Here's what Patrick has to say about Belle
Thank you so much for your kindness and for our new puppy. We absolutely love her and she is a perfect fit for our family. She made my husband very happy...thanks again...

Amanda M.
Happy Holidays Barbara,
Just wanted to send a few pictures of Shear Oaks, Georgia Girl, (now one year old).  We got her in March 2010 from you and wanted to tell you what a joy she has been! 
She is quite energetic, but yet mild and loving.  She has a wonderful demeanor about her.

Hope you and your family have happy holidays!

Jim O.
Bashful Shearoaks Medlin
has a new home!

Just about a year ago this great pup was born to JD and Daisy. We got to take her home on December 23. What a great year it has been! Quinn is such a great dog and has all the fantasitc traits that make us love Labradors in the first place.

Thank you so much for the time and care you put into your dogs, it sure makes a great addition to our family.

The McCreight's