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I am a very happy customer of Shear Oaks Labs. Saying customer really doesn't sound quite right to me though. It is more than a purchase of a good dog. It is the start of a relationship. The Shears are very passionate about what they do. They love their dogs and it shows. We got Hershey in May of 2010. Born from Molly and Buddy. He is very much a part of the family. He goes everywhere we go. We have had many compliments on his temperment and behavior from a very young age. He is calm, intelligent, and affectionate. I cannot brag on Barbara and John enough. We love our dog and are thankful of our decision to get him there. We drove from Cumming and it was worth every mile. If we ever choose to add another dog we will most definately go back. I am sure Hersh would like a playmate but then again I don't think he realizes he is a dog much less an only child. (this is not a paid endorsement)HeHe!! Hugs to you guys.


Connie M.
Christian and Hershey
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Before we actually start puppy training or even thinking about it, it is important that we get ourselves in the right frame of mind. If we do this and know where we are going, we will be much less likely to violate certain training rules that may hinder or prevent us from attaining our goals. Additionally, we want to prevent ourselves from doing anything that may adversely affect the relationship we hope to develop with our puppy.
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